Butler Capital Partners est une société du groupe Butler Industries.

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BCP invests in companies with growth potential or facing a complex environment

Our approach


Our Investment strategy

Operating in all business sectors, we invest in market leaders facing a complex environment or seeking cash and support for a growth strategy.

We target French firms, or companies with a French management and a turnover of €50m to €500m.

Our equity investments range from €10m to €50m, for majority stakes or minority stakes with strong shareholders’ rights.

Our target IRR depends on the risk profile of the investment.

Our methodology

A flexible and friendly approach: every investment requires its own specific solution, specially designed for the company, its culture and its needs. The financing structures are always driven by the industrial project, not the other way round. Our approach is friendly, transparent and reliable to all the company stakeholders: its shareholders, management team, employees and partners.

Thorough analysis prior to investment: Advance preparation is at the heart of BCP’s investment style. Before completing an investment, we will spend as much time as necessary with the management team to ensure that we have (i) a clear understanding of the nature of the problems faced by the company (operational, financial, market, or shareholder-related), (ii) mapped out the key drivers for turnaround and (iii) defined a clear path to earnings growth and profitability based on a detailed operating plan.

An active shareholder alongside management teams: BCP seeks to be an efficient shareholder. Through our representation on the Boards, we are involved in major strategic decisions, bringing to the management our financial and operational expertise and another view on the company.

Each investment is monitored by a team of 2 to 3 BCP professionals, in charge since initial investment until exit.